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My name is Magnus Svantegård (LinkedIn), live in Sweden, and is the Product Manager for Datscha and Partner in Stronghold Invest. I believe in smart use of Internet in the Real Estate industry.

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Early Adopters in LinkedIn are put into the spotlight

Being an early adopter ain't easy all the time. One is always looking for the new stuff through 100+ RSS feeds, try out services and products when they are in version 0.2, queuing up to buy the latest release, spending a fortune, being questioned of the use of the service that your friends & co-workers one day will take for granted...  ;-)

But then one receive a mail...  Epic!


561 856 people signed up before me, one of them was Victor. ;-) 

I'm proud to be among the early adopters but my aim is to be an innovator.
The first 100 000 to sign up for LinkedIn got another mail also... 


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