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A blog for those who believe in the smart use of Internet in the real estate industry. Learn more here.

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My name is Magnus Svantegård (LinkedIn), live in Sweden, and is the Product Manager for Datscha and Partner in Stronghold Invest. I believe in smart use of Internet in the Real Estate industry.

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This page is for all of you that still don't belive in using the Internet.
Take the time and I'm sure that you will view the internet a bit different afterwards.

(This page was originally created in 2004. When the use of web-based service was more questioned than it is today... Updated in 2012.)

What is the 'cloud'?

Confused about the concept? Easy to be since it's a marketing term. My thoughts about on the topic summed up in a blog post the confusion about SaaS, Cloud and 'webbased'

The driving factor

Don't think about technology, focusing on the end user. 
Two great articles on the subject. 
   Focus on the customer, not the software,   ZDnet 
   New software model, new challenges    Don Dodge at Microsoft 

Status 2012

As mentioned, I first created this page in 2004 (?) and back then most people where sceptical and it was hard to show really great examples. Nowdays it is different when Old school gigants goes SaaS - Is'nt thatthe final proof needed to understand the power of the 'cloud'? 

   Dynamics CRM hits the cloud, December 2010 
   Microsoft CRM, first cloud, then software, May 2010 
   SAP's SaaS strategy, Business byDesign, May 2010  

The future of Internet revieled

Watch this movie ---> EPIC & Internet in 2014 (An 8 minute flashmovie)
Museum of Media History, Tampa Bay Florida

The best of times or worst of times?
Who knows, but one thing is true.
The Internet will change how we are conducting business.