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My name is Magnus Svantegård (LinkedIn), live in Sweden, and is the Product Manager for Datscha and Partner in Stronghold Invest. I believe in smart use of Internet in the Real Estate industry.

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You can't excel using a spreadsheet

I strongly believe there is too much spreadsheets used in the real estate industry. (NO! Creating a DCF model in MS Excel isn't the perfect solution.) Don't get me wrong, you shouldn't stop using it everywhere, but if there are more than three people using the same spreadsheet based solution things will sooner or later be out of control.

Knowing this you could understand the smile on my face when Drew Meyers at Zillow told me that it was through the process of keeping track of comparable sales in spreadsheets that the founders of Zillow started to ask themselves if there wasn't a smarter way of doing this... Read more here.


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