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My name is Magnus Svantegård (LinkedIn), live in Sweden, and is the Product Manager for Datscha and Partner in Stronghold Invest. I believe in smart use of Internet in the Real Estate industry.

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ARGUS to partner with RCA to integrate data in solutions

The real estate software supplier ARGUS (Facebook page) and the global real estate data research firm Real Capital Analytics has announced an interesting partnership making the RCA data available within the software suite.   

From the press release

"Initially this partnership will provide access to data points including a quartile distribution of capitalization rates and prices per unit within our market leading analysis and asset management solutions," says Mark P. Kingston, president and CEO of ARGUS Software. "More importantly, however, this partnership marks the first step in the convergence of real market data with our solutions that will facilitate the next generation of efficiency and value at the desktop."

"This venture between RCA and ARGUS is a natural. To value a commercial property anywhere in the world, ARGUS has the leading software and RCA has the leading data," said Robert M. White, Jr., RCA's founder and president. "The cooperative efforts between the two firms will yield great value for our clients."

My thoughts

This is a great move. I strongly believe in making the research work much more efficient by merging data from different sources directly into, for example, a DCF software. (Full disclosure, I'm the product manager at Datscha which has done this successfully for 10 years in a web solution.)     



Videos from ProjectPlace's cloud event

A few weeks ago the Swedish SaaS supplier Projectplace held a cloud event for it's customers. (Hadn't the opportunity to be there myself.)

Projectplace is kind enough to make the presentations available online (without any registration).
All in Swedish.  


The line up was: 
   * Niklas Zandelin, Exido                     (video & PDF)           
   * Johan Zetterström, Salesforce         (video & PDF)
   * Magnus Ingvarsson, Projectplace     (video & PDF

Always great to get some perspectives on what you're doing.    



Hemnet integrates listings at Eniro 

Hemnet (the largest Swedish residential listing service) has made an interesting strategic move; their listings are now integrated on Eniro, one of the largest yellow pages in Sweden. 


The biggest benefit for the end user is that one could use a direct link http://kartor.eniro.se/ in order to quickly display all Hemnet listing on a map. No need to go through multiple drop-downs (for example choose municipality) at Hemnets site. 

The user is able to filter the listing displayed on type, price and size directly on Eniros site. In combination with aerial photos, street view and more.  

Furthermore, the user is able to display searches in the yellow pages database and display the result together with the listings on the map. For example, schools, restaurants and health care.  

Not a new relationship

Hemnet and Eniro has been in close co-operations for many, especially since mid 2009 when Hemnet integrated Eniro's mapping solution on Hemnet. most of the services now available on Eniro are also available on Hemnet. 

My thoughts

Great move in order to make the listing more available. However, when the listing now are more easily available on Eniro (one click to a large map) will the traffic go down on Hemnet?   

Additional reading

More to be read at Eniro's press release and blog (both in Swedish).



Working mobile at 16 Mb/s.... 

Have to say I'm rather impressed by my new mobile internet subscription...

The network (HSPA Evolved) is from the Swedish operator 3
Go remote. 



Loopnet moves beyond listing when adding property information

Loopnet, the US based listing service for commercial properties on sale or for lease (in the US) has moved beyond listings and started in late May to roll out a beta version of property information

Introduction to the service

A video from Loopnet's presentation at RECon last week in Las vegas. 

The information 

The property record (click here to see an example) includes data like:  

  • Owner & Tenant Details
  • Mortgage & Lender History
  • Tax Records & Assessed Values
  • Historical For Sale & Lease Information
  • Property Details & Photos
  • Asking Price & Asking Rent Trends
The database covers all commercial property types nationwide, including over 5 million properties. 

"We are very excited to deliver the LoopNet Property database of more than five million commercial properties to our clients. Delivering a 'high-quality, alternative source for commercial property information at an affordable price' is the number one request that we have heard from LoopNet clients for many years," said Thomas Byrne, LoopNet's President and Chief Operating Officer.

The service will be free for Premium users. 

My thoughts

For sure an bold strategy to move into the field 'owned by' CoStar (two companies that have a history together). Will be most interesting to follow.

Finally, I bet quite a few in the market will smile at LoopNet's slogan "Property information that opens your eyes, not your wallet". It's brilliant. 

Additional reading 

More is found at PropertyPortalWatch, The Journal record, Wikipedia, LoopNet's pressrelease and blog.   


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